MLM Is Such A Dirty Word...... My Story........ It's Not Your Fault

We all have MLM stories to relate. Some are truly unforgettable. By unforgettable, I mean that they leave the person permanently and mortally wounded both in the pocket and in the soul. Many times what people have been told and what they actually meet on the ground are completely different. MLM casualties are scattered all over the place in form of shattered dreams, empty wallets and damaged thinking. To these, if you mention the word MLM, you are immediately declared persona non grata and banished from their inner circle. Let me share my MLM story. The first time I heard the word MLM was back in 1995. At that time I was working full time and my 5 sons were still young energetic boys. I was a harried and harassed single parent looking to make ends meet and praying for a way out of the unending rat race. I attended one of those hyped up business presentations where everyone was super excited and couldn't get the hype out of their mouths fast enough. They basically said that, once y

5 Reasons Why Network Marketers Feel Like They Are Sinking And How To Handle This

Network Marketers or MLMers the world over are trained to move their business forward in very similar ways. They start out with lots of enthusiasm and talk to anybody who has ears to hear their message. The problems begin when they do not get the sign ups they had foreseen within certain time frames. It is at this point that the men are seperated from the boys. Those with a clear vision of where they want to be, continue despite the difficulties and in time see the fruits of their hard work. Majority of network marketers end up feeling they are fighting the current and these are the reasons why; 1) Unrealistic expectations - People tend to under estimate the kind of work required for network marketing. They assume that since they have joined their opportunity, automatically their near and dear will fall in line. This is rarely the case. Many also lack the patience to develop sound relationships with their cold market before they present their business opportunity. How is this hand

How To Make Your Network Marketing/MLM Experience Less Traumatic

Like many people who are voyagers in the network marketing industry, their current network marketing business may not be their first venture in the world of Multi-Level Marketing. For those who are new in the industry, their view of this home based business is rather distorted. I say this because, the impression they may get about the kind of work that will be required vs a vs the returns can be grossly understated. You see, when someone is entering the network marketing industry for the first time they are given a picture that is seriously garnished with hype. I do not say this lightly because, many people have found themselves investing a lot of money in these kinds of ventures only to find themselves unable to move forward on their investment due to lack of proper information. This is rampant especially where over enthusiastic network marketers neglect to paint the real picture about the kind of work required not only to recruit reluctant people into the business, but also to ensur

The Two Ways Of Getting Rich In This Life

There are many ways to get rich in this life. Some are obviously much more difficult than others. Basically, we all want to live a way of life where we would not need to worry about most of our everyday and recurrent expenses. If these basic expenses would be taken care of,we would be much more satisfied with our lot in life. What most people do not realize is that they have a choice over the route they take as long as they have the info to get them there. The first way is the traditional way where a person does all the hard work and invests heavily in the start up expenses. They may succeed or not depending on the kind of business they are in and how much effort they put in. Sometimes the areas they choose to invest in are not tried and tested. This is not a route for the faint hearted. This is also a route where you will have to hire people who are not as interested in the success of your business because they are employees and have no share in your business apart from their wages w

Solid Reasons That Make Epay-Kenya the Best Option for Kenyan Paypal Clients

Yes, as I had promised, here is the update elaborated below, just for you. We all know that it is one thing to work online and it is quite another to make a serious living from the proceeds. It is possible as long as a person can see things in perspective, remain realistic always and keep moving forward despite the odds. In short, like everything in life, working online has its ups and downs and there is no such thing as a free lunch. As we all know, Paypal is one of the most well known and recognized payment platforms the world over for receiving and making online payments. It is fast and efficient, without a doubt. In my previous post, I have highlighted the manner in which a person can go about creating and verifying their Paypal account for longterm use. Epay-Kenya, on the other hand, has been around for quite a while now and have been helping Kenyans make receive their payments through MPESA. Of course, there are issues to do with their expenses but then again, would you hones

Kenya PayPal Cashouts : The Process Simplified

Like many countries in Africa, cashing out international payments can be an endless nightmare. This is particularly so for countries like Kenya where local banks do not yet have arrangements with PayPal International to provide avenues for withdrawing moneys earned. This can prove to be a very slow process and waiting for the banks to align themselves can be both costly and frustrating especially for many cash-strapped Kenyans who need to cash their money as soon as they earn it. This is normal and very understandable. In my quest, I came across very many ways of doing this but I found this method that I shall explain below to be among the less complicated and more straightforward ways to go. It is not cheap but then again, all methods will cost in terms of time spent waiting or transaction costs incurred or both. It is in this light that the process of getting paid has been explained so as to encourage Kenyans working online not to loose hope in their bid to acquire multiple sources

PayDotCom : Internet Marketing Made Easy

Many of use are familiar with the online world of Internet marketing. It is the new way to the global village of a bottomless pool of prospects from every corner of the world.  In our constant bid for new ways to promote our products and services online, I came across a Paypal friendly site that is so simple yet so potent..... a few quick pointers .... Familiar with Clickbank? it doesn't matter only that you are looking for online profits, yes? Lately Clickbank has gotten very many restrictions for affiliates and selling of products online.... so .... what next? PayDotCom is a great new service where you can buy or sell whatever you want as an affiliate or even your very own products. The market place is huge and they even have their own internal advertising program to help you build traffic for your website .... how cool is that? You can also get your own army of affiliates and interact with them as often as you want. When your product joins the ranks of