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Live To Eat or Eat To Live?

People tend to answer this question in different ways depending on how they see their own living circumstances. The truth is that, it is correct both ways. Lets see why;

Eat to live

The human body cannot survive without food or water. Thats just our biology and there is nothing we can do about it. Apart from food and drink, our bodies need to "eat" in different ways that involve the methods we use to survive on a day to day basis. This means that, whether we like it or not,we must find ways to keep "eating". What if, because of the current recessionary times, we are unable to "eat" properly? This can happen to anybody irrespective of their station in life. Thats why when it comes to "eating", we need to get a good plan B or else we starve, literally.When was the last time one of these 4 questions crossed your mind?

1) How many times do you keep worrying about the cost of living?…