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Kenya PayPal Cashouts : The Process Simplified

Like many countries in Africa, cashing out international payments can be an endless nightmare. This is particularly so for countries like Kenya where local banks do not yet have arrangements with PayPal International to provide avenues for withdrawing moneys earned. This can prove to be a very slow process and waiting for the banks to align themselves can be both costly and frustrating especially for many cash-strapped Kenyans who need to cash their money as soon as they earn it. This is normal and very understandable.
In my quest, I came across very many ways of doing this but I found this method that I shall explain below to be among the less complicated and more straightforward ways to go. It is not cheap but then again, all methods will cost in terms of time spent waiting or transaction costs incurred or both. It is in this light that the process of getting paid has been explained so as to encourage Kenyans working online not to loose hope in their bid to acquire multiple sources …