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5 Reasons Why Network Marketers Feel Like They Are Sinking And How To Handle This

Network Marketers or MLMers the world over are trained to move their business forward in very similar ways. They start out with lots of enthusiasm and talk to anybody who has ears to hear their message. The problems begin when they do not get the sign ups they had foreseen within certain time frames. It is at this point that the men are seperated from the boys. Those with a clear vision of where they want to be, continue despite the difficulties and in time see the fruits of their hard work. Majority of network marketers end up feeling they are fighting the current and these are the reasons why;

1) Unrealistic expectations - People tend to under estimate the kind of work required for network marketing. They assume that since they have joined their opportunity, automatically their near and dear will fall in line. This is rarely the case. Many also lack the patience to develop sound relationships with their cold market before they present their business opportunity.
How is this handled?