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Solid Reasons That Make Epay-Kenya the Best Option for Kenyan Paypal Clients

Yes, as I had promised, here is the update elaborated below, just for you.

We all know that it is one thing to work online and it is quite another to make a serious living from the proceeds. It is possible as long as a person can see things in perspective, remain realistic always and keep moving forward despite the odds. In short, like everything in life, working online has its ups and downs and there is no such thing as a free lunch.
As we all know, Paypal is one of the most well known and recognized payment platforms the world over for receiving and making online payments. It is fast and efficient, without a doubt. In my previous post, I have highlighted the manner in which a person can go about creating and verifying their Paypal account for longterm use.
Epay-Kenya, on the other hand, has been around for quite a while now and have been helping Kenyans make receive their payments through MPESA. Of course, there are issues to do with their expenses but then again, would you honestly e…