The Two Ways Of Getting Rich In This Life

There are many ways to get rich in this life. Some are obviously much more difficult than others. Basically, we all want to live a way of life where we would not need to worry about most of our everyday and recurrent expenses. If these basic expenses would be taken care of,we would be much more satisfied with our lot in life. What most people do not realize is that they have a choice over the route they take as long as they have the info to get them there.
The first way is the traditional way where a person does all the hard work and invests heavily in the start up expenses. They may succeed or not depending on the kind of business they are in and how much effort they put in. Sometimes the areas they choose to invest in are not tried and tested. This is not a route for the faint hearted. This is also a route where you will have to hire people who are not as interested in the success of your business because they are employees and have no share in your business apart from their wages which never seem to satisfy them.
The second method involves the well known network marketing companies more commonly referred to as multi-level marketing companies. These have acquired a very bad reputation because of some rotten apples in their midst. I however urge people not to dismiss network marketing companies before they understand the simple concept behind each. Unlike traditional businesses network marketing companies use a tried and tested approach to their business and this means that anybody joining will not have to reinvent the wheel. This also means that most of a person's time can be spent directly in front of potential customers or business partners as opposed to trying to learn the ropes. This is very important given that time is money in business. Network marketing, however is also not for the faint hearted because it requires the courage and daring to keep approaching people despite the negative PR in the market place. There are statistics to show that with consistent effort network marketing is one of the easiest ways to acquire wealth in a gradual and very satisfactory manner based on the personal effort one puts into their work.
For me, my journey into network marketing had many hiccups like anyone else. This is because, despite what many network marketing companies tell you, without the right education, success is impossible. In network marketing, the right mind set is to know that it is not a sales business but a teaching and mentoring business. In short, build people and people build your business. It is as simple as that and this is the true path to real wealth. My journey began with a free book that changed my life. It changed my thinking and now I know that any lack of success in network marketing cannot possibly be your fault. As they say, knowledge is power. Read the free book here. Remember it is always a free choice to be successful in this life. Let me hear your thoughts on this.


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