How To Make Your Network Marketing/MLM Experience Less Traumatic

Like many people who are voyagers in the network marketing industry, their current network marketing business may not be their first venture in the world of Multi-Level Marketing. For those who are new in the industry, their view of this home based business is rather distorted. I say this because, the impression they may get about the kind of work that will be required vs a vs the returns can be grossly understated. You see, when someone is entering the network marketing industry for the first time they are given a picture that is seriously garnished with hype. I do not say this lightly because, many people have found themselves investing a lot of money in these kinds of ventures only to find themselves unable to move forward on their investment due to lack of proper information. This is rampant especially where over enthusiastic network marketers neglect to paint the real picture about the kind of work required not only to recruit reluctant people into the business, but also to ensure that they remain active in the business. The former is the easier while the real struggle comes with the latter. As my fellow network marketers know everywhere, recruiting takes a lot of energy but keeping your team active is even more challenging. This is what makes the attrition rates in network marketing very high. This is the real dilemma for any network marketer anywhere in the world.
To add to this nightmare is the fact that once in the network marketing industry, family and friends avoid you like the plague. This is because network marketers are trained to preach constantly, irritatingly and repeatedly to anyone who has 2 ears on their heads. Consequently, family and friends become the casualties of frequent verbal assaults about why they should join "this business opportunity". Since they find it difficult to say they are not interested, they decide to avoid their near and dear at every turn. This is the waking nightmare of every network marketer who has decided to take their business seriously.

So, fellow network marketer..... what to do?

Over and above the actual investment in their MLM of choice, any aspiring network marketer needs to be informed that they also need to invest in the proper tools that will help them attract the right kind of people to their business opportunity. There are the usual offline methods of advertising in print and voice media but this post is dedicated to online advertising media. Basically, all network marketers require leads each and every day for their business and they need affordable online tools that will allow them this very important requirement.Ideally this tool should not cost an arm and a leg but it should be able to produce consistently better results the longer it is used. It should be an excellent return on investment. These days video based tools and other online visual marketing aids have become very popular in drawing leads. This is because they provide a clearer message in a more understandable way much faster. They are also less intrusive because they require the permission of the person to opt in or not. When these videos are followed with well spaced auto-responder emails, a prospect is less likely to feel harassed and more likely to be inclined to be open to looking at your business. Gone are the days of high pressure selling, these are the days of low pressure selling.

The portfolio of the network marketer of the 21st century should therefore contain these 2 important elements;

1) Their primary network marketing business that can be conducted 100% online from any corner of the world.

2) Their online lead generation system that is two-pronged i.e. it will give their prospects a free choice between working with them in their primary business or growing their own network marketing business with the very same tool.

The main idea is to add tangible value to any prospect who decides to opt in and take a look at your business or a business tool that they can use to promote their own business. This is a win-win scenario for both parties and that forms an excellent beginning to a long term business relationship. After all, this is a long term business and not a get-rich-quick scheme. Let me know your thoughts on this.


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