MLM Is Such A Dirty Word...... My Story........ It's Not Your Fault

We all have MLM stories to relate. Some are truly unforgettable. By unforgettable, I mean that they leave the person permanently and mortally wounded both in the pocket and in the soul. Many times what people have been told and what they actually meet on the ground are completely different. MLM casualties are scattered all over the place in form of shattered dreams, empty wallets and damaged thinking. To these, if you mention the word MLM, you are immediately declared persona non grata and banished from their inner circle. Let me share my MLM story.
The first time I heard the word MLM was back in 1995. At that time I was working full time and my 5 sons were still young energetic boys. I was a harried and harassed single parent looking to make ends meet and praying for a way out of the unending rat race. I attended one of those hyped up business presentations where everyone was super excited and couldn't get the hype out of their mouths fast enough. They basically said that, once you invested in the starter kit, you were as good as successful and not much effort was needed thereafter. They also showcased some of the people who were getting "surprise" checks monthly. Suffice to say, I joined and bought the starter kit and waited for the miracles. My upline, and I will not fault her because she may not have known better, showed no interest in me. I was left to my own devices. With zero training and support, I was a goner.
Fast forward 2014, I met another friend of mine who assured me that this was different and so I agreed to attend a business presentation. I joined and promised myself that this time I would be much wiser and ensure my business succeeded. I prepared my list of family and friends and did everything I was told. 2 months into the business I stopped calling people on my list for presentations because I realized they were not interested and I was becoming a nuisance. I was dead in the water..... AGAIN!
This was my dilemma...... I believed that the MLM business model was not flawed....... around me I could see MLM success stories..... my sons were older and some were entering the working world......... The employment market is rapidly shrinking.......I had no retirement money..........I had been laid off from my job and I had used my last paycheck to invest in this business........ I knew the job market was not a long term solution for the future .......I knew that there must be a better way....... I wanted to own my life.
Then I met an unbelievable team of servant mentors and I found the answers to questions that had lain in me latent for so long. I did a 30 day mental cleanse that cleared my clutter and realigned me with positive energy. The guilt I had been feeling for my lack of MLM success suddenly vanished because I now knew the truth. I learned how to handle different kinds of personalities by creating instant rapport. I learned different practical proven methods of finding people who wanted my business as opposed to the list of uninterested family and friends.In short, I was taught how to think not what to think. All this is free and the resource base is mind boggling.
I now know that I can create a very comfortable living for my family by using this system to grow my MLM business. My sons future is secure, whether they choose to enter the job market or not. In a nutshell, I know the truth and the truth has set me free. I feel like I have been on a long journey but am finally home.


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